Dear Asian Women: How I Learned To Speak Up (And Why You Should Too) (7 minute read)

The quiet, submissive Japanese businesswoman; the self-sacrificing, man-pleasing Chinese wife; the docile, needy Korean female international student. 
Whenever I hear these stereotypes, I first cringe in disgust knowing that these are some people's fantasies; then, a wave of anger hits me like a ton of bricks, mad about the misperception media has played in creating them.I am an Asian woman.
But I am not those women. 
I am a feminist who voices her opinions. 
I am a strong and independent woman. 
I am a thought leader. 
I am educated. 
I am empowered. 
I am a mother who fights for her rights. 

I believe all women would have the same reaction to these stereotypes.

I live and work in an environment where sexist remarks are taken seriously and consequences are put to action. I grew up after we had burnt the bras, during a time where women will link arms whenever we are discriminated. In healthcare, the industry I've worked in for over a decade, female executives are a dime a dozen. 

See rel…

Why I'm Raising My Daughter To Break The Materialistic Asian Stereotype (And How I'm Doing It) (5 minute read)

Have you ever been to a Coach outlet? Or an Aritzia sale? Who do you see? What are stereotypical Asians obsessed about? Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton...Purses, sunglasses, clothes, shoes, cars...stuff, stuff and more stuff.Materialism is rampant across all cultures; however, Asians have been stereotyped as being extremely materialistic. This perception is blatantly demonstrated in Kevin Lee's web show Ultra Rich Asian Girls.
My non-materialistic beginning...As someone who was born and raised in Vancouver, where the web show is based, I've not only witnessed this stereotype, but I'll confess that I've also taken part. 

I've never been a materialistic kid. As the youngest of 3, I rarely got to choose my stuff. Most of my clothes and toys were hand me downs. 

My fashion sense was irrelevant since my style was pre-selected. Once in a while, my sisters would throw me a bone like a coveted pair of Mavi jeans and I'd wear them till holes formed in the crotch. 

Because my p…

How I Started Sharing The Mental Load of Motherhood With My Husband (5 minute read)

So it's been over a year since I wrote about How I Stopped Resenting My Husband After Our Daughter Was Born.How has it been since?Smooth sailing? No.
Rocky offroading? No. More like an arduous hike up Mount KiliMOMjaro, slowly acclimatizing to the change in stress.For me, the first year of motherhood was all about survival, keeping my head above water and recovering from a lost sense of identity (Is being a mom the only role I'll have from now on? Will my boobs ever go back to normal? What happened to my independence?). 

My second year was all about managing schedules, efficient timelines, ticking boxes, getting things done in a short period of time, constantly shifting gears between work and home. (Let's go, go, go...get it done) 
And during this year, I unknowingly began accumulating all these mental notes: There's a smidge of black bean sauce left...I can't make her favourite pork side ribs without it...add that to the list...wait, how long has that container been …