Why Sum on Sleeve? (2 minute read)

Hi there! If you’re actually reading this, you’re probably thinking, “WTF is Sum on Sleeve?” 

Like does that mean you have something on your sleeve? Why is Sum spelled that way? Why am I here? Where am I? Who am I? (Maybe not that question unless you're having an existential crisis…but perhaps reading my blog will help)

If you’re Chinese, have Chinese friends or ever been to Vancouver, you’ve probably heard of Dim Sum. For those who don’t know a lick of Chinese, Sum is ‘heart’ and Dim is a ‘point/dot/small bit’. Google it ❤

And all together, it is my way of introducing you to my blog in fancy schmancy Chinglish.

I chose to name my blog this not only because I’m Chinese-Canadian but because of 2 reasons (one figurative; the other literal): 

1. I wear my heart on my sleeve 

I tend to show emotions on the outside rather than hiding them inside. I am NOT the stoic Chinese mom who never asks for what she wants, afraid of being perceived as needy…then passive-aggressively acting up. It’s been a journey to be able to talk about my feelings not just show it on my face. Now I’m taking the next step in capturing those words on “paper.” 

2. I'm a mom 

I’d say 99% of the time, I have something on my sleeve (Boogers? Poop? Barf? You know it) 

Lastly, my reason for starting this blog is to keep a record of things I think about and the opinions I have and want to share at social outings but somehow don’t think of them in the moment to actually say them out loud (like a typical Introvert). 

It’s like on the car ride back from some get-together, I would turn to my husband and say,” remember when so and so said this? Well…blah blah blah.” So perhaps it's my own therapy of releasing those thoughts so that they don't get all bottled up and then one day, I spontaneously combust. 

And in the end, I wouldn't mind having my kid or kids read this later on when they're old enough, possibly sparking interesting conversations. Everything's going online nowadays. Our souls will eventually become intertwined with the World Wide Web and imprinted as 0s and 1s. I’m merely embracing it as an Early Adopter for once. 

Read on if this has peaked your interest. Feel free to subscribe and join me on this life adventure.  Let's laugh and cry throughout those smooth and gritty bits.

Take care,


Let's Socialize...C'mon, You Know You Wanna



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