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1 Simple Thing You Can Do Right Now To Be Happier (4 minute read)

Ladies, have you ever been in a public location (like waiting for the bus, buying groceries or getting your fix at Starbucks) and a man comes up to you and tells you to smile? **Click Below To Listen Now**
Like he says, “Turn that frown upside down and smile!” or “You'd be prettier with a smile”. 

It's happened to me a few times. It sometimes came from grandpas and I thought it was endearing like he was trying to cheer me up. Then there were other instances of men around my age doing that. I didn't think much of it when I was younger until a few years ago when I started hearing the term RBF (Resting Bitch Face).  

At first, I thought it was a pretty funny term.  I mean yes, I do often see women in public who have that type of face and now there's a term for it.  The term made me feel like I was part of a group of individuals who have all encountered that type of woman.  The term categorizes mutually observed behaviour and it's funny because we can all relate.  But the…

13 Reasons Why I Watched 13 Reasons Why (5 minute read)

This blog is dedicated to my high school self. You were a really important part of my life.  **Click Below To Listen Now** I'm so glad you saw the light at the end of the tunnel before your self-harming ways got to a point where I couldn't be here today to write this blog. Here are 13 Reasons Why I watched 13 Reasons Why1. I watched this show during my maternity leave and every time the baby was napping, I would turn Netflix on and there it was, creepy dead girl voice and all

2. The creepy dead girl was gorgeous and wasn’t a bony skeleton

3. There were Asian characters in it

4. I was curious to know what teenage life is like now

5. It was all the buzz on social media at the time

6. My friend recommended it and told me she binge-watched it all in one weekend

7. It seemed dark and controversial

8. Hello, cassette tapes! (Brings me back to the radio recording days and the urgent need to press the square button when the commercial came on or the guy started talking)

9. My guilty plea…

4 Tips for Teaching Cantonese as a Chinese-Canadian Mom (5 minute read)

I'm a Chinese-Canadian mom (you can read more about my journey of accepting my culture here).As much as I've been open to learning and adopting the Chinese way of doing things, it's been hard balancing what I think is important to preserve in my family versus “I'll just do it the Canadian way.” There are some Chinese practices that I just don’t embrace. 

For instance, my daughter should not wear white, blue or black hair accessories because of a Chinese superstition that it’s associated with bad luck/death. Okay, those clips/hair ties go missing all the time so I get them in bulk and there are a bunch of blue, black and white ones. I’m not going to waste half the package because of a silly belief. 

But mainly, I believe bad luck is a necessary component of life; it makes me adapt, becoming more resilient with whatever life throws at me. I can’t control these things and it’s better that I accept that I can’t control them because then when shitty things happen, I don't…

3 Ways to Become The Best Grandparent (4 minute read)

I’m going to preface this by saying this list is based on the assumptions that my daughter decides to have a kid and that I will be alive when this happens.  **Click Below To Listen Now** I know this may not happen but I like to put these thoughts into words in case it does. 
This is so that if she does become a mom in the future, we can read this together and she will either make me eat my words ("Come on mom, you’re a total hypocrite and you don’t do any of these things you said you were going to do") or validate these thoughts I have now. 

Plus, it’ll be cool to see how my perspective changes as time go on.
1. Become a kid again. Children are an endless source of wonder and curiosity. When I become a grandma, I get to see life through their filter-less lens but without the burden of authority and responsibility that comes with the parenting package. 

I can't wait to learn from my grandchild, to see the world from their perspective, to ask questions about random topics and s…