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How Those Annoying Mandatory Chinese Family Dinners Have Changed (6 minute read)

It's my time to reflect on those sometimes annoying, mandatory Chinese family dinners growing up and how they've changed as I got older.**Click Below To Listen**  So I've known how to make food for myself since I was very little, like elementary school times. I remember when I was 8, I would go to the kitchen, grab myself an apple, a serrated knife and start cutting it into slices (I guess my parents didn't quite childproof the kitchen or is that a normal thing?). 
I'd put them on a plate and then start eating them while watching Rocko’s Modern Life. The apple slices turned into sugar cookies, then lasagna and then whatever I saw on the Food Network (I was the kind of teen who took notes during Christine Cushing Live. This was before I could look up recipes on my phone okay?). I cook fast and I’m very efficient. So when I became a mom, the whole dinnertime part wasn’t that bad until one night.
I come home, daughter in my left arm (having picked her up from Gong Gong P…

3 Hidden Secrets For Finding The One (6 minute read)

Although I'm happily married, I know dating is hard. Sometimes you get treated like shit. How did I try to avoid being thrown in the diaper genie?
**Click Below To Listen** 

This is the first of several posts about my perspectives on dating and relationships. Similar to what I wrote in my RBF blog, I believe being positive attracts those who are positive and being negative attracts those who are negative (Contrary to how magnets work, it's not a miracle haha).  

If we treat ourselves well, we will attract people who will treat us well. If we treat ourselves like shit, we will attract those who are attracted to those who treat themselves like know, so they can take advantage of us and expand their shit treating skills. 

Wait a sec...just so we are clear, how do you treat shit? I’ve changed my fair share of poopy diapers (still going at it BTW) and those get dumped into the Diaper Genie so no one can see it, hear it, taste it, touch it or smell it (they call it a Genie fo…

How I Stopped Resenting My Husband After Having Our Daughter (6 minute read)

After she was born, I started hating my husband like he was this evil asshole who only cared about himself and his needs. **Click Below To Listen**  Our bundle of joy was more like a bundle of tangled Christmas lights. I was trying to figure out which end was which and had no clue if I was making progress untangling it while he stared in awe at the pretty lights.  Oh so pretty (rather, awww ho dut yee ahhhh). As weeks went on, I grew more comfortable as a mom; however, my hatred towards him became this brewing, bubbly, dark, thick resentment that coated the air whenever he came home from work.
"I was annoyed he needed help with things I had been doing all by myself like carrying her from the car seat to the crib without waking her up (Come on man, that's like Ninja shit we Asians are supposed to be naturally good at)."Every minute he was late, the resentment grew exponentially. My internal struggles of accepting my new role as this nurturing, caring, selfless person would b…

3 Powerful Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem (5 minute read)

Hitting my first rock bottom at the age of 16 made me grow up pretty quickly. How does a self-destructive teenager with a distorted view of the world climb back up? **Click Below To Listen Now** Recovery is a lifelong commitment and I know I am always vulnerable to a relapse. It came down to constantly doing a mind scrub of what I’d like to call The Dirty 3 C’s:Control 
Competition In addition to all the things that happened leading up to grade 10, I also had my first boyfriend. I become one of those girls who “ditches her friends” once they get into a relationship. I think everyone knows someone like that. 

You know, that girl in your group who just magically disappears one day and gets absorbed into another. She transforms overnight and her entire identity is officially Girlfriend of X. My social circle was reduced to 1 other person and that was all I needed.
ControlThen at the beginning of grade 11, that relationship ended. He left me and I was completely alone. I had no fr…