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3 More Hidden Secrets for Finding The One (5 minute read)

My blog post about 3 Hidden Secrets to Finding the One has been one of my most popular posts (aside from the Asian Parenting ones).**Click Below To Listen**  It's my way of tracking this information so that when my daughter enters the dating world, I have tangible advice to give and not some bullshit excuse that I'm too old to remember (which is what my mom told me). 
The first post was mainly about figuring yourself out and what you need, want and deserve out of a relationship so that you don't get treated like shit (SPOILER alert: Stop treating yourself like shit). 

So I've decided to reveal a further 3 secrets.

Here are some things that I used to help me stay sane during that intense, roller-coaster dating phase of my life:
1. Don't abuse technology (and don't let it abuse you)We've all heard this about online dating. You know, how it's basically converted humans into swipe robots. 

Two people go on a first date. They have a good connection. They enjoy eac…

3 Asian Stereotype Parenting Practices You Should Follow (5 minute read)

Although I hate being put in a box, stereotypes can sometimes be true for an individual. It's this observed behaviour that is generalized about a group of people who share a cultural/ethnic background. It's the generalizing part that annoys me.**Click Below To Listen**  I am someone who was shaped by a mosaic of Western and Eastern experiences. Defining my identity as a Chinese-Canadian mom is an ongoing journey. 
Last week, I talked about Asian stereotype parenting practices that I experienced as a child and will not follow

This week, to defy being a stereotypical Asian-Canadian kid who rejects her culture, I'm going to share 3 Asian parenting practices that I see value in and will instill into my role as mom.

I've already talked about the preservation of languageChinese medicine, and superstitions. What about food?

I mainly cook Chinese food. I'm a Foodie. I married a Foodie. My friends are Foodies. 

Do you know any Asian person who ISN'T a foodie? Or am I st…

3 Asian Stereotype Parenting Practices You Should Never Follow (4 minute read)

When I read or hear about Asian stereotypes, I get this burning urge to talk about it. It's like this weird gut feeling that just makes me want to stir shit up. 
**Click Below To Listen**  I've always been one of those kids who takes pleasure in defying stereotypes. I hate being put in a box. 
Don't assume I'm submissive because of some show you saw about Asian women. 

Don't assume I'm a whitewashed banana because your Asian friend is. 

Don't assume I don't know English because every time you see an Asian person, they're talking, "Ching Chong". 

When I became a mom, I started doing a ton of self-reflection (one of the reasons I started a blog in the first place) because I struggled with what I wanted to preserve as an Asian parent and what I thought needed to go. 

Becoming a parent allows you to re-live your life but this time you get to help shape the journey. You're not in control of it.

And so I spend a lot of time ruminating hypothetical s…

3 Minutes With Fellow Asian Mom and Founder of Yay Sunshine, Faith

Faith is an Australian-Asian momma who started Yay Sunshine, an amazing company that specially designs Asian-fit sunglasses (or sunnies).I've always had trouble finding the right sunglasses for my face and I just accepted it. Then one day, I started seeing Asian models with beautiful sunglasses in my Instagram feed. I was inspired by Faith's story and how she is doing what she loves so I decided to message her and ask a few questions. What is the biggest motivation to start your own business?My background is in marketing and advertising. Before becoming a mum, I worked for a big ad agency, which was definitely "work hard, play hard". 

When you’re young, the later nights and camaraderie are great. When you are a little older, the 10pm finishes feel less glamorous!

I started Yay Sunshine when I was on maternity leave, and I had a bit of spare time to think (in between keeping a small human being alive) - I wanted to see how I could create a better work-life balance.

I deci…