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4 Reasons Why I Married An Asian Man (4 minute read)

Recently, I was able to pull away for 99 minutes to watch Netflix's To All The Boys I've Loved Before. There was so much hype about this movie that I had to see it. Plus, I love movies that are filmed in Vancouver. It makes me believe these sappy stories happen in my backyard.

After watching (not reviewing it as I consider it cotton candy for the mind...just enjoy the damn thing), I was browsing my social feeds when I came across an article where the author (Jenny Han) of the book addresses criticism for not including an Asian male love interest


Then I was browsing my Twitter and I saw a post from novelist, Celeste Ng sharing her essay in The Cut about being harassed for marrying a non-Asian man.

In the article, she mentions she is accused of "self-hate" due to a tweet she wrote about how she doesn't find Asian men attractive as they remind her of her cousins. She attempts to address this by stating that this is something she's had to unlearn and is stil…

3 Self-Care Practices That Are Keeping Me Grounded (And How You Can Create Yours) - (7 minute read)

I have a full-time day job. I'm a mom. I'm a blogger. I have a lot of things going on. It can be overwhelming and almost every month, I reach a breaking point. But somehow, I manage to get myself together, patch up those loose seams and carry on. Last summer, I became fed up of that cycle so I asked myself, "What can I do to minimize the build-up so that the breaking points don't happen?" 

Every day, we are exposed to constant streams of information within access of our fingertips, telling us about the magical ways to live happier, healthier and wealthier. 
Sign-up to receive free access to your very own printable Bad Day Permission Slip so you can take a day to fully feel those feelingsWe can't do everything and we shouldn't do just anything but we can't do nothing; therefore, I think it's important to put a critical lens on all that information and reflect on what actually works for us. 

I began thinking about all the self-improvement information t…

How Growing Up As An Asian Kid Translator Helped My Empathy Skills (4 minute read)

Have you ever seen an Asian mom and her kid at a restaurant and the kid is ordering for the both of them in perfect English and then confirming it with his/her mom in their native language?
I was that kid and still am. How has that affected me as an adult and as a mom?When people ask me what my first job was, I would either say tutor or barista (FYI: 4 years making lattes and serving customers as a teenager helped me develop life skills I never would have acquired if all I did was school and extracurricular activities...more on kids and part-time jobs another time).

However, these were the first jobs I got paid for. Like many other Asian Canadians, my first real job was being my mom's interpreter and translator. 
When I was really little, my mom's limited English skills weren't an issue because I only spoke Cantonese at home. I understood her and she understood me. That was, until one day at Kindergarten. For Easter, my teacher asked us to bring a hard-boiled egg to school fo…

Breaking The Asian Female Stereotype: Muscles, Power, and Passion (3 minute read)

One night, I was browsing through one of my husband's CPA magazines when I stumbled upon a short interview with Teresa Yeung, a young, competitive powerlifter who is currently the third strongest woman in Canada (in the 63-kg weight class). There was this picture of her resting a massive barbell on top of her upper back, with her hair in two braids and wearing a singlet that proudly exposed her muscular quads.
I remember as a kid, there was a lack of real, relatable female role models in mainstream media. I couldn't relate to the blonde and tanned athletic physiques of Hollywood stars like Britney Spears or Cameron Diaz. At the same time, I didn't resonate with the rail thin, pale, super feminine Hong Kong Actresses like Gigi Lai or Cecilia Cheung.
I was intrigued to see a fellow Asian Canadian woman pursuing a passion that breaks Asian female stereotypes

So I reached out to Teresa to chat about her story, how her parents felt about her endeavour and any advice she'd gi…