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Loving Myself

Self-Reflection Exercise Worksheet (PDF)
Start your own Sum On Sleeve journey and start talking about feelings despite growing up in a culture that hides them. Capture those stories and self-reflect with this printable worksheet.

Bad Day Permission Slip (PDF)
Ever experienced disappointment? Pain? Suffering? Loss? We all have. That's why we like and share positive daily affirmations, listen to inspirational talks, watch motivational videos etc. We google the best ways to manage our issues. And it's wonderful we have access to all this.

However, I think with all these tools and resources to help us, we are missing the first step to getting through a negative experience, a step that makes us human, which is to feel.

Here's a free, printable permission slip for you fill out so you can take a day to fully feel those feelings and have a bad day. Then, you can start bouncing back.

Asian Culture

A Journey To Having A Better Relationship With Your Asian Parent eBook (PDF)
Oh, Asian Parents. I am one and I have them. Can we all agree that our parents can be annoying? Different generations, different upbringings, different cultures, different's like they don't get it. Can this change?

Yes! Start your journey with this free 31-page eBook!

5 Steps To Improve Your Relationship With Your Asian Parent Infographic (PNG)
Short and sweet infographic for you to keep on your phone so you can remember all 5 steps as you work on your relationship with your parents.


Simple Things To Work On For A Healthy Marriage eBook (PDF)
Relationships aren’t easy. They are a lot of work. They have a start and a finish but they’re dynamic and unpredictable. They change over time. My husband and I try to work on our marriage every day. We have our ups and downs and all around. But at the end of the day, there are a few simple things that we continually focus on to make it work.

Start working on your marriage with this free 23-page eBook!


Coming soon!

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