Why You Should Read My Blog

So who reads my blog?  People.  

People who:

  • Feel things 
  • Have emotions
  • Are non-judgmental
  • Are open minded
  • Are life long learners
  • Aren't easily offended
  • Don't have egos 
  • Don't take themselves too seriously
  • Know mistakes are part of life and learning from them makes us more resilient for what's to come
  • Know life is an adventure; it can be messy because sometimes shit just happens
  • Enjoy foul language (see point above)
  • Enjoy personal stories with a side of dark humour and sarcasm 
  • Enjoy reading (I like to write long sagas)
  • Enjoy exploring the grey areas of humanity 
  • Doesn't mind a digressed thought here and there (I lied, I digress often)
  • Have an easy time identifying and talking about their feelings
  • Have a hard time identifying and talking about their feelings
  • Wear their hearts on their sleeves
  • Keep their hearts up their sleeves like a professional poker player
  • Are introverts who spend a lot of time inside their head and wonder if others think the same way as them, looking for a place to connect
  • Are extroverts who think out loud and are wondering what those introverts are thinking about and why they aren't talking
  • Are emotionally intelligent
  • Want to be more emotionally intelligent
  • Have parents
  • Have immigrant parents
  • Are parents
  • Are immigrant parents
  • Have grandchildren
  • Have a life partner
  • Want to be entertained reading about married life with kids

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