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What Happens When Maternity Leave Ends (2 minute read)

I knew my maternity leave was going to end. I just didn't know how I would feel in that moment I had to go back to work.**Click Below To Listen**  All throughout my 11 months of maternity leave, I only counted forward; I didn’t count down the days I had before going back to work.  Instead of thinking I only had x number of months left, I focused on now having an x month old.  
I wasn’t nervous or scared or anxious about going back because I knew I had done my best to instill trust in her.  Even though she couldn’t speak real words to me, our bond was sealed and I was confident she knew I was coming back.  
I felt indifferent until the morning of my first day.  I wrote my feelings live, car parked, phone in hand and head down because I wanted to capture this moment for her.

So I'm sitting in my car, 10 minutes early for my first day of work after my mat leave.  How did I prepare for this moment? TBH, not much except reminding myself that this is just a transition phase.  Work is wo…

How I Preserve My Culture As An Asian Canadian Mom (3 minute read)

In my life, I've been called many things. **Click Below To Listen**  Growing up in the 90s in a predominantly Caucasian community, I got the usual questions and comments.

Here's a sample with answers I should have given back instead of silently seething. 

“What are you?”

A Human Being

" where are you from?"


“Ching Chang Chung”

Ming Mang Mung

Someone pulling at the outside corners of their eyes

Proceed to pull my own eyes so I look like Mr. Bean trying to stay awake in the Asleep in Church episode

We’ve come a long way since then and I’m fortunate I grew up at the tail end of much worst times. So I’ve been a victim of racism but I’ve also been called a racist. Let me explain.

Being Chinese is a huge part of who I am. When I started grade school, I would put my “white person” hat on and when I came home, I took that hat off (along with my shoes 😏) and became myself. 

I spoke Cantonese at home with my family, ate Chinese food, celebrated all the traditions, and went …

What No One Talks About Drinking (2 minute read)

This post might make some people go like, "Seriously?". I don't enjoy drinking alcohol. 
**Click Below To Listen**  Why? I hate the taste of alcohol. It's extremely bitter and I feel like I'm doing the cough syrup gag every time.  I look like a cherry tomato about to burst in pictures (Thanks to my Asian genes).  So no, it’s not because of health reasons, or that it’s expensive or that I’m trying to be a Saint to my kid. I just don’t want to become one of the characters from Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.
Growing up, I remember watching all these movies where a shy girl goes to a bar, gets drunk enough to muster up the courage to talk to the man of her dreams and thru a series of frustrating ups and downs (struggling to show her true self) end up together. 

Or what about a brooding male character after a tough day at work goes to the bar alone, does a bunch of shots and confesses his deepest secrets to the bartender. 

Or movies where a guy and a girl stay up drinking …

What No One Talks About Breakfast (2 minute read)

So I don’t eat breakfast. I never ate breakfast when I was a kid.**Click Below To Listen**  I do brunches with girlfriends and my husband makes a mean breakfast on the weekends (breakfast is his life; he can’t function without it). I love eggs, bacon, french toast, pancakes...all the good stuff. I just don’t eat it in the morning because I’m not hungry. 
When I was in grade 3, I had to do a homework assignment where we drew pictures of what we ate in a day. There was a box for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. In the breakfast box, I drew a large glass of water. I handed in the assignment and my mom got a call from my teacher. 

Sign-up to receive free access to my printable, self-reflection exercise worksheet to start learning to love yourselfI’m at home when this happens and she doesn’t understand what’s going on. She asks my eldest sister to come and help translate. They hang up the phone and roll their eyes at me. The conversation that followed was something like this (in Cantonese…

Why Sum on Sleeve? (2 minute read)

Hi there! If you’re actually reading this, you’re probably thinking, “WTF is Sum on Sleeve?” Like does that mean you have something on your sleeve? Why is Sum spelled that way? Why am I here? Where am I? Who am I? (Maybe not that question unless you're having an existential crisis…but perhaps reading my blog will help)

If you’re Chinese, have Chinese friends or ever been to Vancouver, you’ve probably heard of Dim Sum. For those who don’t know a lick of Chinese, Sum is ‘heart’ and Dim is a ‘point/dot/small bit’. Google it ❤

And all together, it is my way of introducing you to my blog in fancy schmancy Chinglish.

I chose to name my blog this not only because I’m Chinese-Canadian but because of 2 reasons (one figurative; the other literal): 
1. I wear my heart on my sleeve I tend to show emotions on the outside rather than hiding them inside. I am NOT the stoic Chinese mom who never asks for what she wants, afraid of being perceived as needy…then passive-aggressively acting up. It’s been…