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4 Simple Things to Work on For a Healthy Marriage (Part 1 of 4) - (3 minute read)

Relationships aren’t easy. They are a lot of work. They have a start and a finish but they’re dynamic and unpredictable. They change over time.
**Click Below To Listen**  Marriage can appear overwhelming. I mean vows are made between two people that says they are going to commit to each other ‘till death” does them part.
That’s like forever, permanent, isn’t it? It’s no wonder why some folks are scared to do it.

But then there are a ton of people who take the plunge anyway.

I often like to compare marriage to a household plant. It has a health status and it needs moisture, light, and conversation to thrive. It's a simple being that needs constant attention. Sometimes, you neglect it. Sometimes, you overwater it. Sometimes, it’s perfectly healthy and sometimes, it dies.

My husband and I try to work on our marriage every day (even when we don’t realize it). We (like many other couples) have our ups and downs (and all around). 

But at the end of the day, there are 4 simple things that we co…